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Project Background

On 30 March 2009, the President issued EO 788 - "Promoting a Youth National Service", initiating a new era of volunteerism and community spirit and requiring agencies to develop relevant programs for the youth.

  • Conceptualized in June
  • Proposed to DOLE-wide MYPA in Bohol on July 3-4 & accepted by Sec MDR with revisions
  • Presented on July 9 as Youth ITo, the DOLE project under the National Youth Service
  • Program launched by PGMA in Guagua, Pampanga; with 6 youths engaged by DOLE 3
  • Launched in Maasin, Leyte on August 9 by the National Youth Commission; with 6 youths engaged by DOLE 8

Department Advisory # 06-09

  • Dated August 12, 2009
  • Guidelines in the Implementation of the Kabataan Information Technology Opportunities Project
  • States the project concept, objectives, beneficiaries, mechanics, youth mentor's service, requirements, roles and responsibilities of BWSC/ RO/ NYC/ other partners, reporting and evaluation
  • K ITo is an earning and learning project thru which IT-literate unemployed youth shall be tapped and mobilized:
    • To improve IT literacy among the out-of-school youth and other disadvantaged youth thru free mentoring sessions
    • To bring the government closer to the people thru free, supervised internet access to online government programs and services
K-ITo gives earning and learning opportunities

  • Earning opportunities for IT or computer-literate youth who will serve as volunteer mentors with stipend
  • Learning opportunities for youth & other disadvantaged sectors who will experience hands-on IT appreciation and familiarization and acquire basic and practical IT-related knowledge and skills
  • Mobilized at least 3,500 computer-literate youths across 16 regions of the country as volunteer IT mentors receiving a modest stipend of PhP25 per hour of service
  • Provided assistance to at least 25,000 out-of-school youths and other disadvantaged sectors through lessons on basic and practical computer operations and supervised online access to government programs and services.
  • By end of December 2009

NCR 6 455
CAR 7 70
Region 1 4 175
Region 2 5 210
Region 3 6 420
Region 4a 5 385
Region 4b 5 70
Region 5 6 140
Region 6 5 210
Region 7 5 350
Region 8 7 105
Region 9 5 210
Region 10 6 245
Region 11 5 140
Region 12 5 210
Caraga 4 105


  1. Youth Mentors (Work / service experience; stipend)
    • Aged 18 to 24 years old; unemployed or underemployed
    • Can communicate using computer technology
    • Graduates or graduating students of high school or vocational-technical or college course
    • Willing to render volunteer community service as mentors with a modest stipend

  2. Participants in IT sessions (IT experience / knowledge & skills)
    • OSY and other disadvantaged youths willing to attend hands-on sessions
    • Disadvantaged sectors and their dependents regardless of age, such as:
      • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
      • Occupationally Disabled Workers (ODW)
      • Victims of work-connected contingencies
      • Persons with disabilities (PWD)
    • Indigenous peoples (IP)
    • Workers in the informal economy

  3. Requesting Clients (Assistance in accessing online government services)
    • the Non-IT literate persons
    • regardless of age
    • wishing to have online access to government programs and services
    • who may walk-in during the mentoring hour seeking assistance

Youth Mentor's Guide, Checklist and Daily logbook

Basic Rules:
  • proper decorum; time schedule
  • results-oriented in the use of the checklist of knowledge & skills
  • maximized, productive use of the computer for mentoring & assisting
  • "disadvantaged sector" - friendly
  • should record daily accomplishment

Module = 4 lessons in the checklist

Preparatory lessons

  1. Familiarizing with the Computer Hardware
  2. Operating the Computer
  3. Operating Word Processing Application Using MS Word
Final lesson
  1. Using the Internet for Searching and Communication
The youth mentor may skip or modify the preparatory lessons, based on the readiness of the A & F session participant for the subsequent or final lesson.

Only those who will be able to use the internet for searching and communication will be given an certificate of completion.

DOLE K -ITo Corner

  • Internet-connected computer unit/s in the Field Office or partner's premises
  • 1 mentor is to 2 participants
  • Accommodate walk-in clients needing assistance to get access to government online services
  • Designate DOLE personnel to supervise or monitor
  • For better impact & visibility, should there be at least one in every DOLE FO?
  • OR, should K -ITo be implemented only in selected offices?

Reporting RO accomplishments to the CO

  • FO monthly accomplishment report (which may also include partner agencies' accomplishments) to the RO - TSSD
  • RO monthly accomplishment report to the CO (BWYW / BWSC)
Other RO documents and records

  • Participant's Certificate of Completion
    (only to those who have reached lesson 4 and can use the internet for searching and communication)
  • Youth Mentor's Certificate of Recognition
  • End-of-Project records:
    • Roster of youth mentors who have rendered volunteer service
    • Roster of mentored participants

Proposed Time Lines

Mentors selected / engagedSept. 15, Tuesday
Participants registeredSept. 15, Tuesday
A & F sessions thru IT lessons startedSept. 28, Monday
Simultaneous nationwide launching by DOLE ROs of K-IToOct. 21, Wednesday
A & F Sessions should have endedDec. 14, Friday


  • BWYW is preparing the K-ITo logo, a t-shirt design, tem[lates of the service contract & certificates, a flyer & a tarpaulin design to attract beneficiaries to the Kabataan ITo
  • BWSC will have a Young Workers Development Division that will manage the DOLE programs for young workers, including the monitoring of Kabataan ITo implementation
  • BWYW has requested FMS to facilitate allocation and release of funds for the Kabataan ITo.
    (No DBM release yet for the 2009 budget insertion of P31.91M; only 2009 budget of P3M for WODP-WEED can be allocated.)
  • Thus, available budget as of today is only PhP 3 M.

    Estimated Target number of mentored participants in Luzon

    Region 141751250150,000
    Region 252101500180,000
    Region 364203000360,000
    Region 4a53852750330,000
    Region 4b57050060,000
    Region 561401000120,000
    Region 652101500180,000
    Region 753502500300,000
    Region 8710575090,000
    Region 952101500180,000
    Region 1062451750210,000
    Region 1151401000120,000
    Region 1252101500180,000
    All RO's863,50025,0003,000,000

    How do we compute:

    • Given - 3500 : 25,000 = 1youth : 7 or 8 pax (average ratio)
    • - stipend of PhP 25 per mentoring hour
      - maximum of 22 hours complete lesson, which may be shortened

      • How many are the participants per session?
      • How many mentoring hours will the youth serve per day?
      • How many days will the youth render service?
      • Who will monitor his or her work?
      • How will DOLE assess the mentor and the session participant?
      • How much can DOLE afford to pay?

      Sample computations:

      PhP 25 x 22 hours = PhP 550.00 / session


      2 pax / 22 hr-session will be handled by 1 mentor

      16 pax in 8 batches or sessions by 1 mentor would take 176 mentoring hours x PhP25 = PhP4400

      (In Region 6) 1500 pax to be mentored by 210 youths in 750 batches or sessions @ 22 hours/ session x PhP25 would cost PhP 412,500.

      750 batches or sessions would be (unequally) distributed to 210 mentors (750 / 210 = 3.57)

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