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Count Name Address Members Reg. Number
301.   Amiable Women of Happy Valley AssociationTambulig, ZDS562009-09-117
302.   Depose Women AssociationDepose, Bayog672009-09-118
303.   Phesalabuhan Dlibon Subanen AssociationGuinicolalay, Dinas202009-10-123
304.   Darusalam UFS Women's AssociationPurok Darusalam, Pag. City272009-10-125
305.   Pantad Women Empowerment MovementPantad, San Pablo202009-10-128
306.   Sacbulan Women Empowerment MovementSacbulan, San Pablo202009-10-130
307.   Mabuhay Women Empowerment MovementMabuhay, San Pablo, ZDS212009-10-131
308.   Women Empowerment Calube Rural Improvement ClubCalube, San Miguel202009-10-133
309.   Bocahan Womens AssociationBocahan, Midsalip212009-10-134
310.   Pob. San Miguel Women Rural Improvement ClubPob. San Miguel202009-10-136
311.   Santiago UFS Women AssociationSantiago District, Pag. City522009-10-137
312.   Canipay Norte Women AssociationCanipay Norte, Midsalip202009-10-138
313.   Women Empowerment Movement Rural Improvement Club of San CarlosSan Carlos, Tukuran312009-10-139
314.   Ditoray Rural Improvement clubDitoray, Pagadian City232009-11-142
315.   Poloyagan Rural Improvement ClubPoloyagan, Pagadian City212009-11-143
316.   Pob. B. Youth AssociationMidsalip, ZDS202009-07-075
317.   Women Indigenous People Association Of Datu TumangongDatu Tumangong, Tungawan
318.   Goaw Farmers AssociationGoaw, Liloy, ZND2008-2009
319.   New Bethlehen Farmers AssociationNew Bethlehem, Liloy2010-2009
320.   Dumpok Rubber Farmers & Tappers Association Dumpok, Imelda, z. Sibugay2818-2009
321.   Mali Lettle Baquio Rubber & Tappers AssociationMali Lettle Baquio, Imelda2319-2009
322.   Lumpanak Rubber farmers & Tappers AssociationLumpanak, Imelda3621-2009
323.   La Victoria Rubers Farmers & Tappers AssociationLa Victoria, Imelda3222-2009
324.   Gandiangan Rubber Farmers & Tappers AssociationGandiangan, Imelda2523-2009
325.   Lower Baluran Rubbers Farmers & TappersLower Baluran, Imelda4224-2009
326.   Upper Baluran Rubbers Farmers & TappersUpper Baluran, Imelda3325-2009
327.   Balugo Rubbers Farmers & Tappers AssociationBalugo, Imelda3026-2009
328.   Mt. View Rubbers Farmers & Tappers AssociationMt. View, Imelda2527-2009
329.   Lumbog Rubbers Farmers & Tappers Association Lumbog, Imelda3028-2009
330.   Canaan Rubbers Farmers & Tappers AssociationCanaan, Imelda2729-2009
331.   Bolungisan Rubbers Farmers & TappersBolungisa, Imelda3030-2009
332.   Sta. Barbara Rubbers Farmers & TappersSta. Barbara, Imelda3131-2009
333.   Little Baquio Rubber Farmers & Tappers Little Baquio, Imelda3032-2009
334.   Sioton Farmers AssociationSioton, Mabuhay2534-2009
335.   Camul Farmers & Rubber Tappers AssociationCamul, Tampilisan3238-2009
336.   Tupilac Farmers AssociationTupilac, R.T.Lim3341-2009
337.   Batungan Tungawan Rubber Farmers AssociationBatungan, Tungawan3043-2009
338.   Matim Farmers AssociationMatim, Olutanga2445-2009
339.   Tambanan Farmers AssociationTambanan, Olutanga3649-2009
340.   San Isidro Farmers AssociationSan Isidro, Tungawan2757-2009
341.   Baluran Farmers AssociationBaluran, Tungawan3059-2009
342.   Lumpanac Farmers AssociationLumpanac, Imelda2065-2009
343.   Siawang Farmers AssociationSiawang, Imelda3166-2009
344.   Lagting Farmers AssociationLagting, siay2067-2009
345.   Gulayan Integrated Development AssociationGulayan, alicia2468-2009
346.   Villacastor Upland Farmers AssociationVillarcastor, Buug3071-2009
347.   Muyo Upland Farmers AssociationMuyo, buug2581-2009
348.   Mahayahay Farmers OrganizationMahayahay, talusan, Sibugay2982-2009
349.   Domondon Small Rubber Farmers AssociationIpil, Sibugay3090-2009
350.   Masao Farmers AssociationMasao, Tungawan2191-2009

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