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201.   Calube Farmers AssociationCalube, San Miguel, ZDS202009-11-150
202.   Baroy Fisherfolk AssociationPurok Marasigan, Dumalinao, ZDS202009-02-011
203.   Isla Fishcage Grower AssociationWhite Beach, Pagadian City202009-04-031
204.   Kapamanok Watewr Systam AssociationKapamanok, San Pablo252009-02-05
205.   Gatub Water and Sanitation AssociationGatub, Lakewood202009-02-07
206.   Lumbayao Women Empowerment MovementLumbayao, San Pablo202009-02-08
207.   Barangay Pinoles Water Systam AssociationBrgy. Penoles, Lakewood252009-02-010
208.   WMSU Aggies Poutry Raisers AssociationDapuwak, Dumingag, ZDS202009-04-017
209.   Bayog Tri-Sikad Operators & Drivers AssociationPob. Baypg252009-04-018
210.   Limas People's OrganizationLimas, Tigbao202009-04-019
211.   Begong People's AssociationBegong, Tigbao202009-04-021
212.   Pob. Tigbao People's OrganizationPob. Tigbao332009-04-022
213.   MSU Pass AssociationPob. Tabina332009-04-023
214.   Integrated Bus TerminalVendors AssociationPag-asa, Dumalinao202009-04-027
215.   Buloron Water System AssociationBuloron, Midsalip202009-04-030
216.   Junior Eagle's ClubPob. Molave202009-05-037
217.   Bacayawan Association For Education & Dev't.Bacayawan, Dimataling292009-05-045
218.   Lapuyan Tribal Leaders Piyampungan Association Pob. Lapoyan202009-05-053
219.   Temberland People's OrganizationTimolan, Tigbao202009-05-055
220.   Association Of Bahay Kubo for Development in WakatWakat, Ramon Magsaysay202009-06-062
221.   Lebayoy People's OrganizationLibaypy, Tigbao252009-06-069
222.   Cabaluran Indigenous People's OrganizationCabaluran, Midsalip252009-06-073
223.   Maruing Multi-Purpose Pangkabuhayan AssociationLapuyan, ZDS202009-07-082
224.   Benuotan Integrated Development AssociationDinas, ZDS202009-07-086
225.   Dumalian Irrigators AssociationSan Miguel242009-07-087
226.   Pob. B. Waterworks Sanitation AssociationPob. B. Midsalip342009-08-099
227.   Baybay 1 Fishermen AssociationBaybay 1, Poloyagan, Pag. City202009-08-101
228.   Agora Cut Flower Planters and Vendors AssociationAgora Market, Pagadian City292009-08-104
229.   Sta. Lucia Livelihood Multi-Purpose AssociationSta. Lucia, Pagadian City272009-09-111
230.   Agora Dried Fish & Salted Fish AssociationAgora Public Market, Pagadian City232009-09-114
231.   Phegeposan Tribal AssociationLeson Valley, Pagadian City202009-09-116
232.   Timbermines Motorcab Transport Operators AssociationPob. Bayog382009-10-122
233.   Darusalam Neighborhood AssociationPurok Darusalam, Pag. City522009-10-124
234.   Santiago Neighborhhod AssociationPurok Sunshine, Santiago Distric, Pag. City652009-10-132
235.   Leon Kilat Neigborhood AssociationZone 13, Leon Kilat St., San Pedro, Pag. City1002009-11-141
236.   Tiguha Water system AssociationTiguyha, Lapuyan, ZDS202009-11-146
237.   Muslim Village Neighborhood AssociationBrgy. Kalawit, Muslim Village, Pag. City472009-11-147
238.   Goticlop Water Works Sanitation AssociationGoticlop, Midsalip262009-11-148
239.   Tipasan Water System AssociationTipasan, Lapuyan202009-11-149
240.   Margosatubig Association Of People's Leaders and EntrpreneursPob. Margosatubig, ZDS332009-11-151
241.   Villapaka Women Empowerment MovementVillapaka, San Pablo202009-02-02
242.   Songgoy Women Empowerment MovementSonggoy, San Pablo212009-02-03
243.   Bualan Women AssociationBualan, ZDS352009-02-01
244.   Kundom women Empowerment MovementKundom, San Pablo202009-03-014
245.   Kapamanok Women Empowerment MovementKapamanok, San Pablo212009-03-015
246.   Teniapan Women Empowerment MovementTeniapan,San Pablo202009-04-024
247.   Mulangong Women Empowerment MovementMulangong, San Pablo202009-04-025
248.   Senior Women Empowerment MovementSenior5, San Pablo202009-04-026
249.   Lumponid women AssociationLumponid Midsalip242009-04-029
250.   Dakayakan Women's AssociationDakayakan Sur, Midsalip222009-05-033

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