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101.   Roxas Bottled SardinesDohinob, Roxas272009-06-068
102.   Pob. Indigenous People OrganizationPob. Siuayan242009-06-069
103.   Limboangan Develiopment Community indigenous AssociationLimboangan, Godod302009-06-070
104.   Soguilon Rubber Growers AssociationSoguilon, Siayan352009-06-073
105.   Galas Sikad-sikad Drivers Operators AssociationGalas, Dipolog City252009-06-074
106.   Surf Motorcab Operators & Drivers AssociationMipulak, Dipolog city202009-06-076
107.   Lamao Livelihood AssociationLamao. Liloy202009-06-079
108.   Lamao Hanapbuhay AssociationLamao, Liloy202009-06-080
109.   Molos Rubber Processing Workers AssociationMolos, Tampilisan242009-06-082
110.   Mucas Community Development OrganizationMucas, Salug232009-06-083
111.   Banigan Hanap Buhay AssociationBanigan, Liloy272009-07-084
112.   Upper Gutalac Livelihood OrganizationGutalac, ZDN462009-07-090
113.   Lando Bibo Rizal RWARizal, ZDN272009-07-092
114.   Lando Bibo Dicayas RWADicayas, Dipolog City262009-07-094
115.   Lando Bibo Punta Blanca RWAManukan, ZDN272009-08-095
116.   Lando Bibo Pangalalan RWASindangan, ZDN252009-08-096
117.   Langatian Lower Igasan Fisherman AssociationRoxas, ZDN252009-08-098
118.   New Tambo Babuyan Livelihood AssociationKatipunan, ZDN252009-08-099
119.   Pob. South Sikad Drivers & Operators AssociationPolanco, ZDN222009-08-100
120.   Lapatan Livelihood OrganizationLabason, ZDN252009-08-101
121.   Dipolog Pinan Transport Operators & Drivers AssociationPoblacion Pinan, ZDN442009-08-102
122.   Lando Bibo Barra RWABarra, Dipolog City252009-08-103
123.   Balas Sustainable Livelihood Organization Balas, Labason, ZDN252009-08-106
124.   JRMSC-ICT AssociationJRMSC Main Campus, Dapitan City202009-08-109
125.   Lando Bibo Sta. Isabel RWAPurok 7, Sta. isabel, Dipolog City202009-09-110
126.   Malugas Infres Livelihood AssociationMalugas, Katipunan252009-09-113
127.   San Pedro Watershed Protectors AssociationSan Pedro, Polanco212009-09-116
128.   Lando-Bibo Sta. Felomina RWASta. Felomina, Dipolog City252009-09-117
129.   Pag-asa OrganizationPob. Salug232009-10-120
130.   Christian Muslim Subanen Community Water AssociationRaba, Godod, ZDN282009-11-122
131.   Paranglumba Barangay Water System & Sanitation Association (PABAWASA)Paranglumba, Siayan252009-11-123
132.   Munoz Barangay Water System & Sanitation Association (MUBAWASA)Munoz, Siayan252009-11-124
133.   Barangay Seriac Water System & Sanitation Association (BASEWASA)Seriac, Siayan332009-11-125
134.   Macasing Brgy. Water System & Sanitation AssociationMacasing, Siayan252009-11-126
135.   Barangay Sayaw Water System & SanitationSayaw, siayan302009-11-127
136.   Barangay Gonayen Water system & SanitationGonayen, Siayan302009-11-128
137.   Sulangon Women Livelihood AssociationSulangaon, Dapitan City252009-02-002
138.   Sta. Isabel Local Council of WomenSta. Isabel, Dipolog City252009-02-009
139.   Diwan Women's AssociationDiwan, Dipolog City242009-02-010
140.   TamionWomen's AssociationTamion, Dapitan City252009-03-012
141.   Ramon Magsaysay Womens AssociationRamon Magsaysay, Sindangan342009-03-017
142.   Maras Womens Association Maras, Sindangan502009-03-018
143.   Poblacion Womens Association Poblacion, Sindangan282009-04-025
144.   Talingan Sindangan Womens Association Talingan, Sindangan312009-04-026
145.   Siarin Womens AssociationSiari, Sindangan, ZDN322009-04-027
146.   Upper Inuman Womens AssociationUpper Inuman, sindangan352009-04-030
147.   Cogon Local council of WomenCogon, Dipolog City202009-04-033
148.   Binuangan Women AssociationBinuangan, Sindangan412009-05-039
149.   Bantayan Women AssociationBantayan, Sindangan372009-05-040
150.   Diongan Women AssociationDiongan, Siayan202009-05-042

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