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1.   Chrislam Farmers AssociationBalubuan, Sirawai, zdn302009-02-001
2.   Zamboanga Agriculture ResourcesSan Roque, Z.C302009-05-010
3.   Imelda Agro Forest Farmers AssociationImelda, Tolosa, Z.C302009-05-011
4.   Gulayan Village Farmers AssociationSan Jose, Gusu, Z.C232009-06-013
5.   Farmers Livelihood AssociationGolf Village Pantano Purok 5, Upper Calarian, Z.C272009-07-017
6.   Lumbangan Upland Farmers AssociationTala, Lumbangan, Z.C252009-07-018
7.   Malayal Upland Farmers Association, Inc.Sibuco, ZDN212009-08-022
8.   Manicahan Cassava Planter & Farm Workers AssociationMCLL Highway, Busog, Manicahan342009-08-023
9.   Upper Lapaz Community Based Farmers Mgt. Association (ULPCBFMA)Km 20 Upper La paz, Z.C302009-08-024
10.   Luuk Ducay Fisherfolk AssociationTigtabon, Z.C222009-05-006
11.   Centrol fisherfolk AssociationTigtabon, Z.C202009-05-008
12.   Sonata Fisherfolk AssociationTigtabon, Z.C242009-05-009
13.   Lagundi Fisherfolk AssociationTigtabon, Z.C222009-05-007
14.   Mimping Seaweeds Planters AssociationPangapuyan Island,Z.C502009-05-012
15.   Cusipon Renewable Energy & Community Development AssociationCusipon, Sibuko, ZDS242009-04-002
16.   Barangay Balangonan Renewable Energy Com. Development AssociationSiocon, ZDN282009-05-012A
17.   Matiag Association For Peace Empowerment & DevelopmentMatiag, Siocon, ZDN232009-06-014
18.   Panarema Integrated Livelihood FederationKm 9, Mampang, Z.C682009-06-015
19.   Pagkasilasa Livelihood AssociationKm 9, Mampang, Z.C302009-06-016
20.   Devine Hand AssociationRed Cross Youth Hostel, Pittit Barrach, Z.C312009-07-019
21.   Neighborhood Peace and ProgressPurok 1, Mampang. Z.C302009-08-020
22.   Piyagyaw Team, Pt.Campo Muslim, Rio Hondo, Z.C262009-09-025
23.   Zambo Alliance of Transport Workers for Livelihood ProgramSan Jose, Z.C252009-09-026
24.   Samal Bangigi Livelihood Fed.Tigtabon, Z.C2009-09-027
25.   Western Subanon Multi-Lingual Education Association Malayal, Sibuco, ZDN272009-10-028
26.   Tictapul Wpmen AssociationTictapul, Z.C.302009-04-003
27.   Mangusu Women AssociationMangusu, Z.C202009-04-004
28.   Pullusan-Dulian Muslim Women AssociationCalabasa, Z.C212009-04-005
29.   Taguite Working Women AssociationTaguite, vitali district, Z.C312009-08-021
30.   Las Mujires De LimpapaLimpapa, Z.C302009-08-021A
31.   Labuan Chrislam Women OrganizationLabuan, Z.C202009-10-029
32.   Menzi Farmers AssociationMenzi, isabela City30004-2009
33.   Benuangan Vegetable Growers AssociationBrgy. Benuangan, Isabela City27005-2009
34.   Deprive Agrarian Reform & Farmers AssociationCabunbata,. Isabela City30006-2009
35.   Calvario Farmers AssociationCalvario, Isabela City30007-2009
36.   Panigayan Fisherfolk AssociationPanigayan, Isabela City54001-2009
37.   Lampinigan Agua-Marines Culture AssociationLampinigan, Isabela City21008-2009
38.   Panigayan Hawak Kamay Women AssociatuionPanigayan, Isabela, City233002-2009
39.   Menzi Barangay Women AssociationMenzi, Isabela City30003-2009
40.   Baluno Women's AssociationBaluno, Isabela City25009-2009
41.   Lando Bibo Dohinob RWARoxas, ZDN262009-08-097
42.   Cogon Farmers AssociationCogon, Dipolog City202009-02-003
43.   Baguio Brotherhood Farmers AssociationPukay, Salug372009-02-007
44.   Sta. Cruz Farmers Association Sta. Cruz, Liloy582009-03-011
45.   Sergio Osmena Corn Planters AssociationSergio Osmena272009-03-013
46.   Lando Bibo Gulayan Rural Workers AssociationGulayan, Dipolog city262009-03-014
47.   Cape Lando-Bibo RWACape, Roxas252009-03-015
48.   Lando Bibo Lower Igasan RWALower Igasan, ZDN282009-03-016
49.   Gunyan Lando-Bibo RWAGunyan, Siayan, ZDN212009-03-022
50.   Moliton Indigenous Tribal AssociationMoliton, Roxas, ZDN312009-03-024

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