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Registered Contractors List as of August 2010

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Count Establishment Address Registration Number
121.   RIBUSA SECURITY INVESTIGATION & GEN. SERVICESBel Air Subdv., Veterans Avenue, Z.C.IX-07-02-001
122.   RICH GRAINS MARKETINGAtis Dr., Major C Fernandez Rd., Zamboanga CityZC-CSC-2010-02-015
123.   RIVERINE SECURITY SERVICES CORP.2nd Flr. C & H Bldg., Vitali, Z.C.ZC-CSC-09-09-003
124.   RM CARGO FORWARDERCampaner St., Zamboanga CityZC-CSC-2010-025
125.   ROSARIO JANEA PINAGAL ENT.Upper Calarian, Z.C. (transferred location)IX-07-04-018
126.   ROY-ROY TRUCKING SERVICESRecodo, Z.C. ZC-CSC-2009-04-01
127.   RPJ CONSTRUCTIONKm. 6 Arquiza Drive, Mampang, Z.C.IX-08-03-008
128.   RRMEC CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLIES143 Km 4 Talon-Talon, Zamboanga CityZC-CSC-2010-01-03
129.   RS FORTUNE BUILDERSSampaguita Road, Guiwan, Z.C.ZC-CSC-09-07-002
130.   SAMUEL MANPOWER AND JANITORIAL SERVICESSuter St., Sutterville, Zamboanga CityZC-CSC-2009-10-008
131.   SEABORNE SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION CO. INC.3rd Flr. Topline Bldg., San Jose Gusu, Z.C.IX-06-10-027
132.   SEIS CONSTRUCTION130-4 Cabato Rd., Tetuan,Z.C.IX-05-06-010
133.   SHEPHERD JANITORIAL AND MANPOWER SERVICEScor. Alano & Mercedes St., San Jose, Pagadian CityZDS-CSC-2009-04-001
134.   SKYLINK SECURITY & INVESTIGATION AGENCYFr. Eusebio Salvador St., Sta. Maria, Z.C.IX-06-08-019
135.   SKYRISE BUILDERSFairview Drive, Gov. Ramos St.,Sta. Maria, Z.C.IX-07-02-004
136.   SONNET CONSTRUCTION & ENTERPRISESTumaga Porcentro, Zamboanga CityIX-09-02-004
137.   SSP MANPOWER SERVICESDon Alfaro St., Tetuan, Z.C.IX-09-01-003
138.   ST. JOSEPH MANPOWER AND JANITORIAL SERVICESDoor 2 Marquez Bldg., Tetuan Highway, Z.C.ZC-CSC-2009-11-001
139.   STEPHEN HAULING SERVICESCalle Real St., Mercedes, Z.C.ZC-CSC-09-06-001
140.   STO. NINO CONSTRUCTION199 Rizal Avenue, Balangasan District, Pagadian, Zamboanga del SurIX-06-09-021
141.   SY TRUCKING & HAULING SERVICESJ. Arabi St., Poblacion, Siocon Zamboanga del NorteIX-07-04-013
142.   TEDDIE CONSTRUCTION DEV. INC.Veterans Avenu, Z.C.IX-08-05-012
143.   THREE ACES SECURITY AGENCYA-24 Hamilton Drive, Estrada St. Tetuan, Z.C.IX-08-10-022
144.   TIGER INVESTIGATION DETECTIVE SECURITY AGENCY AND GENERAL SERVICESBasilio Comp., Natividad St., Tetuan, Zamboanga CityZC-CSC-2010-04-023
145.   TRI SHALOM TRANSPORT SERVICES998 Gpv. Ramos Avenue, Sta. Maria, Z.C.IX-07-04-020
147.   WEDGEWOOD SECURITY AGENCY SPECIALIST SERVICESVeteran Avenue Extension, Sta. Maria, Z.C.IX-07-03-010
148.   WEE BUILDERSBaliwasan Grande, Z.C.IX-05-06-007
149.   WEINE TRUCKING SERVICES134-4 St. Ignatius Village, Cabato Rd., Tetuan, Z.C.IX-07-04-016
150.   WESTERN MINDANAO SECURITY AGENCY#20 Dr. Estrada St., Tetuan, Z.C.ZC-CSC-2009-06-002

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