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Citizens' Charter - Home
I - Our Organization
II - Our Goals and Strategies
III - Our Programs and Projects
  1. Job Search Assistance for Wage Employment
  2. Capacity-building Program for Livelihood
  3. Social Partnership Promotion and Dispute Resolution Program
  4. Professional Regulation, TVET, and Productivity Programs
  5. Ensure Fair and Just Terms and Conditions of Employment
  6. Social Protection and Welfare Program
  7. Occupational Safety and Health
IV - Our Performance Pledge
V - Our Key Frontline Services
  1. General Information
  2. Local Simple Transaction
    1. Application for Alien Employment Permit
    2. Registration of Job Contractors and Sub-contractors
    3. Issuance of Authority to Recruit Outside their Business Address
    4. Clearance to Conduct Jobs Fair
    5. Application for Working Child's Permit
    6. Registration of Union
    7. Registration of Worker's Association
    8. Registration of Collective Bargaining Agreement
    9. Certification from DOLE that Company Has No Pending / Has Pending Case
    10. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate at Post
    11. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate at Post
    12. Private Recruitment and Placement Agency License
    13. Accreditation of Occupational Safety and Health Practitioners
    14. Accreditation of Co-Partner
    15. Application for Livelihood Project Assistance
VI - Our Citizens Feedback System
VII - Our Citizen Redress/Grievance Mechanism
Citizens' Charter - Home
III - Our Programs and Projects

With Filipino workforce at the center of what the DOLE wants to achieve, the Department prioritizes the implementation of the following programs:

  1. Job Search Assistance for Wage Employment to increase the number of job seekers placed through various employment exchange facilities (i.e., Public Employment Service Office, Private Recruitment and Placement Agencies, Contractors and Sub-Contractors, Phil-Jobnet, Employment Kiosks) and career advocacy.

    The Department also facilitates the deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in partnership with the private sector and other stakeholders, in countries which guarantee protection through active participation in high-level/technical marketing missions; intensive market intelligence work in collaboration with Philippine embassies, foreign embassies and the private sector in locating high value employment opportunities and at the same time identify new/emerging markets; active participation in forging bilateral agreements that can offer new and decent jobs to OFWs; encouraging the visit of foreign governments and private employers' delegations to the Philippines; and further strengthening of linkages with the education, training and medical fitness sectors in order to generate the right quality and quantity of workers needed by the overseas labor markets.

    Employment facilitation programs and projects

  2. Program/Project Implementing Office
    Labor Market Information (LMI)
    • Phil-Jobnet and Skills Registry
    • Global OFW Mapping and Profiling
    • Manpower Registry
    BLE, ROs, FOs
    Capability-Building Program for Employment Service Providers
    • Public Employment Service Office (PESO) - local
    • Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA) - local
    • Private Recruitment Agencies - overseas (land based)
    • Manning Agencies - overseas (sea based)
    BLE, ROs, FOs
    BLE, ROs, FOs
    Overseas Employment Facilitation Program
    • Foreign principals accreditation/registration
    • Contracts processing
    • Job orders monitoring
    • Market development and management
    Bridging Employment Assistance Program for Youth
    • Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)
    • Kasanayan at Hanapbuhay (KasH)
    ROs, FOs

  1. Capacity-building Program for Livelihood to assist workers (formal, informal and overseas sectors) in making their entrepreneurial undertakings grow into viable and sustainable businesses and provide them and their families with additional income.

    Priority clients include are special groups of workers such as differently-abled persons, Indigenous People (IP), parents of child laborers, disadvantaged women, youth (15 to 30 years old), urban poor, farmers, fisher folks and displaced workers, among others.

  2. Program/Project Implementing Office
    Unlad Kabuhayan (Livelihood Enhancement) BWSC, ROs, FOs
    Kabuhayan Starter Kits (Livelihood Formation) OWWA, NRCO, BWSC, ROs, FOs
    Balik Kabuhayan (Livelihood Restoration) BWSC, BLR, ROs, FOs
    Dagdag Kabuhayan (Income Augmentation) BLR, ROs, FOs
    OFW Groceria OWWA

  1. Social Partnership Promotion and Dispute Resolution Program to preserve employment through interventions that promote harmonious and cooperative worker-employer relations, enhance collective bargaining, and expeditious and fair resolutions of labor disputes, labor education, and social dialogues.

    Program/Project Implementing Office
    Dispute Prevention and Settlement Program
    • Conciliation and Mediation
    • Compulsory Arbitration
    • Mediation and Arbitration - Intra and Inter-union disputes
    • Resolution of Small Money Claims
    • Resolution of Labor Standards Cases
    • Adjudication and Arbitration of OFW Cases
    BLR, ROs
    BWC, ROs, FOs
    BWC, ROs, FOs
    Workers Organization Program
    • Registration of union, CBA and workers association
    • Supervision of trade union activities
    • Workers Organization and Development Program (WODP) - Workers Income Augmentation Program (WIN-AP)
    BLR, ROs
    BLR, ROs, FOs
    Continuing Labor and Employment Education Program
    • Labor Relations, Human Relations and Productivity (LHP)
    • Continuing Labor Education Seminars (CLES)
    • Labor Education for Graduating Students (LEGS)
    NWPC, BLR, ROs, FOs
    BLR, ROs, FOs
    BLR, ROs, FOs
    Workplace Cooperation, Partnership and Tripartism Program
    • Labor-Management Council (LMC)
    • Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (TIPC)
    • Industry Tripartite Council (ITC)
    BLR, ROs, FOs
    BLR, ROs, FOs
    Grievance Settlement Machinery and Voluntary Arbitration
    • Grievance Machinery (GM)
    • Voluntary Arbitration (VA)

  1. Professional Regulation, Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and Productivity Programs to enhance the competencies and employability of workers through the provision of short-term courses in various trades particularly in demand-driven and emerging skills in the labor market. Specific to professional regulation, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) regulates and supervises the practice of the professionals who constitute the highly skilled manpower of the country. Moreover, PRC delivers programs that promote and sustain a corps of world-class, technically proficient, and ethically competent Filipino professionals. On the other hand, the TVET program covers competitiveness assessment of workers and graduates through skills testing and certification. It also provides basic, upgrading, refresher and other specialized maritime training courses to merchant marine officers, ratings, maritime cadets, and maritime faculty/trainers. Meanwhile, the Productivity Program assists company owners, workers and supervisors, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the provision of training and consultancy services on productivity improvement, and the installation of productivity improvement programs.

    Program/Project Implementing Office
    Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program
    • Pangulong Gloria Scholarship (PGS)
    • TVET & Competency Assessment/Certification
    Maritime Training Program
    • Maritime Training
    • Competency Assessment/Certification
    • Seafarers Upgrading Program (SUP)
    Educational Scholarship Program for OFWs & their Dependents
    • Tulay Microsoft Program
    • Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)
    • Education for Development Scholarship Program
    • Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship
    Productivity Awareness and Improvement Program
    • ISTIV-PAP (Productivity Awareness Program)
    • Installation of productivity improvement technology in establishments
    Professional Regulation Program
    • Licensure Examination
    • Institutions' evaluation on Quality Standards (practice of profession)
    Career Guidance and Counseling Program
    • Career Advocacy Seminars
    • Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC)
    BLE, ROs, FOs

  1. Ensure Fair and Just Terms and Conditions of Employment to protect workers' rights at the local and overseas front through compliance with general labor standards.
    Program/Project Implementing Office
    Labor Standards Enforcement Framework Program
    • Self Assessment (SA)
    • Inspection
    • Technical Assistance Visit (TAV)
    BWC, ROs, FOs
    BWC, ROs, FOs
    BWC, ROs, FOs
    Employment Regulation Program
    • Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA)
    • Job/Service Contractors and Sub Contractors
    • Alien Employment
    • Working Child
    • Private Recruitment Agencies
    • Manning Agencies
    BLE, ROs
    BLE, ROs, FOs
    BLE, ROs
    BWSC, ROs, FOs
    Wage Determination and Review Program
    • Regional Wage Review/deliberation
    • Issuance of Wage Orders and IRRs
    • Operasyon PAWIS
    Overseas Employment Contracts Verification Program POEA, POLOs

  1. Social Protection and Welfare Program to facilitate workers access and enrollment to social security (SSS, Philhealth), especially the informal sector workers and OFWs who are not usually covered by the social protection schemes of the government.

    Program/Project Implementing Office
    Child Labor Prevention/Elimination Program
    • Sagip Batang Mangagawa (SBM)
    • Provision of livelihood assistance to parents of former child laborers
    • Educational assistance to victims child labor
    BWSC, ROs, FOs
    BWSC, ROs, FOs
    BWSC, ROs, FOs
    Family Welfare Program (FWP)
    • Facilitation of establishment of Family Welfare Committee in private companies
    • FWP training/orientations for workers
    BWSC, ROs, FOs
    BWSC, ROs, FOs
    Facilitation of Workers in the Informal Economy (WIE) enrollment in social security schemes BWSC, ROs, FOs
    Anti-Illegal Recruitment (AIR) / Anti-Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Program
    • AIR/TIP Seminars/Orientations
    • Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
    • Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
    OWWA, POEA, Accredited PDOS providers
    Welfare and Protection Programs for OFWs
    • Insurance and Healthcare Program for OFWs
    • Repatriation Program
    • Reintegration Program
    DOLE Adjustment Measures Program (AMP) for workers affected by economic crisis, and natural and man-made calamities BLR, BWSC, BLE, POEA, OWWA, NRCO, ROs, FOs

  1. Occupational Safety and Health Program to increase workers knowledge and skills on occupational safety and health (OSH) at the workplace through advocacy, enforcement and capacity-building to reduce the number of workers with work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses. The program also includes provision of compensation and rehabilitation services for occupationally-disabled workers.

    Program/Project Implementing Office
    Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Training, Orientations and Seminars OSHC
    Zero Accident Program (ZAP)
    • Facility evaluation/testing of safety devices
    • Work Environment Measurement (WEM)
    • Occupational Health examination
    OSHC, BWC, ROs, FOs
    Safety Officers Accreditation Program BWC, ROs
    Employees Compensation (EC) Program
    • Resolution of EC appealed cases
    • Rehabilitation assistance to occupationally-disabled workers

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