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Citizens' Charter - Home
I - Our Organization
II - Our Goals and Strategies
III - Our Programs and Projects
  1. Job Search Assistance for Wage Employment
  2. Capacity-building Program for Livelihood
  3. Social Partnership Promotion and Dispute Resolution Program
  4. Professional Regulation, TVET, and Productivity Programs
  5. Ensure Fair and Just Terms and Conditions of Employment
  6. Social Protection and Welfare Program
  7. Occupational Safety and Health
IV - Our Performance Pledge
V - Our Key Frontline Services
  1. General Information
  2. Local Simple Transaction
    1. Application for Alien Employment Permit
    2. Registration of Job Contractors and Sub-contractors
    3. Issuance of Authority to Recruit Outside their Business Address
    4. Clearance to Conduct Jobs Fair
    5. Application for Working Child's Permit
    6. Registration of Union
    7. Registration of Worker's Association
    8. Registration of Collective Bargaining Agreement
    9. Certification from DOLE that Company Has No Pending / Has Pending Case
    10. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate at Post
    11. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate at Post
    12. Private Recruitment and Placement Agency License
    13. Accreditation of Occupational Safety and Health Practitioners
    14. Accreditation of Co-Partner
    15. Application for Livelihood Project Assistance
VI - Our Citizens Feedback System
VII - Our Citizen Redress/Grievance Mechanism
Citizens' Charter - Home
II - Our Goals and Strategies

Our Goals

To realize its vision of full, decent and productive employment for every Filipino worker, the Department pursues four strategic goals, as follows:

  1. A gainfully employed workforce
Means that workers enjoy gainful employment either as wage worker (locally or overseas), self-employed or entrepreneur.
  1. A globally competitive workforce
Means that workers possess demand-driven skills, technical education, and productivity improvement technologies.
  1. A secure workforce, and
Means that workers are accorded with fair and humane terms and conditions of work and social protection.
  1. A safe and healthy workforce
Means that workers enjoy a safe and healthy working environment.

Attainment of these strategic goals would be the Department's contribution to the national goal of reducing poverty.

Our Strategies

To achieve these Strategic Goals, the following strategies and services are in place:

A Gainfully Employed Workforce

Strategy 1: Enhancing the access of workers to employment opportunities, both local and overseas through job search assistance for wage employment and capacity building services for livelihood and self-employment.

Strategy 2: Preventing job losses and preserving employment through social partnership promotion and delivery of dispute resolution services.

A Globally Competitive Workforce
Strategy 3: Equipping workers with demand-driven skills, technical education and productivity improvement technology through the delivery of professional regulation services, technical-vocational education, skills competency and productivity trainings.

A Secure Workforce
Strategy 4: Ensuring fair and just terms and conditions of employment for both local and overseas workers.

Strategy 5: Promoting access of workers in specific sectors to health care, social security and housing as well as on-site and after-care protection for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) through the delivery of social protection and welfare services.

A Safe and Healthy Workforce
Strategy 6: Promoting safety and health at work through the delivery of work accident and illness prevention, work compensation and rehabilitation services.

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